I remember watching one Harry Potter movie when I was a kid

I don’t remember much about it, just that at the end of the movie, there is a scene of harry and someone firing a beam each toward the other, and the two beam clashed.

When I was older, I thought that scene is kinda cliche. Ridiculous.

Well, now I found out which movie it was, and the beam (which is actually a spell, and not “straight” beam like laser) is still cliche, but it’s not THAT bad. And at least I found out which movie it was.

This is just a rant.


Manga Reader Application for Windows

MangaMeeya: this is rather old, so I can’t find the link to it’s original website

This is the one that I use. Features include:

  • Custom resize
  • Easy navigation: you can choose keyboard buttons to -scroll up/down -go to next/prev page -go to next/prev file -first and last image in the file -change between image display size (fit width to screen, fit all to screen, custom size)
  • And more, like, a lot more. those two above are the one that I think is the most important.

Downside: Some images just can’t be viewed. I don’t know the reason.

Other app that I have tried:

Cdisplayex: I dont use this because it lacks the two features I mentioned in mangameeya. anyway, it’s not as convenient as mangameeya

OpenComic: I just can’t be bothered to learn about this after opening one file and trying to read it.

SumatraPDF: no shortcut to read the next file.


How I changed my Driver from Microsoft Basic Display Adapter to Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000

I downloaded the driver from this site:

among those listed drivers I choose the top one, that’s 99.6 MB. downloading it resulted in a *.cab file, it turns out it can be extracted. I extract it using winrar.

and then I update the driver using device manager, choosing “browse my computer for drivers” and then “let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer”. since I don’t see Intel hd graphics 3000 on the list, I click “have disk”. I browse to the place where I extracted the driver until I see “igdlh64.inf” and then select open. continue and the update is finished.

I have to update my driver because apparently, the os I use, that is, windows 10, doesn’t come with the correct driver. well, it’s an old laptop, and even this happened because I have to reset my pc. without that driver, playing brawlhalla is too laggy, and even use up too much cpu.

Anyway, I post this because I don’t want to forget what happened.


Lyrics of Some Songs

I use MiniLyrics. both on PC and on Android, so that’s why I often dowload song lyrics from there and then save it inside the song (there’s the option of that in the minilyrics app). but sometimes, there’s no lyrics available for the song I have, so that’s why I made the lyrics. I mean, I looked it up, insert the lyrics to the editor, and sync the timing, finally saving it inside the song. most of the songs I listen were anime songs and vocaloid songs, sometimes it’s easy to find the lyrics, sometimes it’s hard. here’s a list of lyrics I made:

Hatsune Miku feat. Tohma Nitohbe – Run Away from The Lights. the lyrics is from the video and it’s description, I’m pretty sure there’s some mistake, since I took sometime to compare it between the song and the available lyrics.

Hatsune Miku feat. Omoi – Teo. the lyrics is from the wiki. vocaloid wiki I mean. or was it fandom? I forgot. it’s pretty easy to make since I just have to sync the timing. I’m more surprised there’s no lyrics available for this song.

Hatsune Miku feat. Ringo Musume – 101st Sakura. the song was featured in the official hatsune miku youtube channel. but finding lyrics is way too hard, I ended up having to use the video to do it. it’s not in the video description, I have to read the video itself. it’s good that I have some program to help me with that: Wakan, KanjiTomo, and Tagaini Jisho.
Official Video Link. it’s actually a cover song, originally by Ringo Musume. But I like Hatsune Miku, so the one I listen is the one sung by Miku.

Blue Spirit. from Azur Lane Event: Universe in Unison Astrum楽曲 「Blue Sprit」
the titles is kinda confusing, since I didn’t know what that astrum thing is. and whether the title is actually Universe in Unison. in the end, I decided it has to be Blue Spirit. since that’s the title displayed on the image. the song is originally from a game: Azur Lane. the event being Universe in Unison, I don’t play the game, but my roommate played it, and hearing this song over and over made me interested, so I looked it up, and sync the lyrics. I forgot where the lyrics are from. I’m pretty sure it was from some JP sites. it was really hard to find. the song is really short, but I still liked it.
Official Video Link

Inori no Uta. Artist: Le Malin (CV: Haruka Shiraishi) from the same event mentioned above.
there’s several song from this event. this one and the one above is the only ones I liked enough to listen sometimes. I forgot where I got it’s lyrics from, but there’s one link in my browser in history that has this song’s lyrics, so that’s probably it. also short, but I liked it. it sounds like some apocalypse songs.
Official Video Link

YOASOBI – Yoru ni Kakeru. popular song in youtube (for a time). my roommate often use youtube on the phone, and this song often played as ads. it’s easy to find the lyrics, just do some sync on the timing, and done. although it’s embarrassing to admit, I like the cover version that’s popular in youtube more than the original.

the reason I made this post is to remember, that I’m the one that made the lyrics (I’m talking about the *.lrc file used for MiniLyrics), and to remember where I got it. I often forgot that I’m the one that made it.


Palemoon Browser and EPUBReader



So, download palemoon (I don’t know if it’s supposed to be Pale Moon or Palemoon), and then download classic addon archive (the *.xpi file), and then type “caa:addon/epubreader” in the address bar. and then download the addon showed there.

or you can type: “caa:list” for a list of addon.

and so, the old EPUBReader addon is installed. this is my favorite epub reader on pc. or rather the only reasonable epub reader on pc for me, that’s why it’s important. that’s why I wrote this. so that I can remember this browser and addon.

Update: right now I’m using version 29.1.0 and no longer updating. because newer version can’t support the epub reader.


About My Phone Slowing Down

some time ago (I think it was three days ago) my smartphone started slowing down

some of my games can’t be played at most times, only opened to unlock chests and open them once unlocked. other games have messed up animation because of the low speed

my internet browser was also slowed down. what usually takes 3 second would take over 10 seconds. even just scrolling down sometimes stopped because of this.

so, I started doing various things: -installing antivirus -installing external task manager and task killer -restarting my phone -leaving my phone unused for a period of time, and more.

none helped.

it was fixed today. I don’t know how, but my smartphone is back to it’s usual speed now. I think the reason it was fixed is because I turned it off and pulled off the battery and leaving them like that for a whole night.

and now my phone is fixed. I just hope it won’t slow down again…

I wrote this post to remember what happened and what I did so that I can hopefully handle things better next time. even if I hope that there will be no next time.


Computer Apps That I’d Like to Remember

1. SoftSnow Merger
I use it to merge several html files into one. easiest program for this task. Back then I forgot about the softsnow part, googling “html merger” doesn’t give this app as a result.

2. Mp3Gain
This is an app to change the volume of an audio file. when I download a song, sometimes it’s too quiet or too loud. using this app can change it’s volume. I don’t know other app that does the same without being too slow.

3. Sigil version 0.9.10
This the version of sigil that I use right now. I use it to make epub files, novels most of the time. the newer version have separate app for “book view”, so I choose this older version.

I wrote this so that I can check what apps I should download when changing pc.


Coeus? by Andur

Genre: Sci-fi, Romance, Space, Magic.
Tension level: medium
Link: https://royalroadl.com/fiction/4745

-banyak info baru tanpa penjelasan. jadi bingung novel ini ngomongin apa sampe dijelasin dikit dikit.
-tiba tiba make singkatan. aku gak tau artinya sampe beberapa lama.
-plotnya ke mana mana. satu ke bumi, lanjutnya ke alien, trus ke personal, bolak balik.
-waktu nya tidak diketahui. gak tau chapter 24 itu setelah berapa lama dibandingkan chapter 23. tiba tiba udah lewat 2 bulan, time skip di anggap remeh.
-gak terlalu action. gak terlalu slice of life. gak terlalu romance.
-klimaks nya gak kerasa kayak klimaks

-style nya bisa bikin tetep pengen baca.
-pada akhirnya, 1/3 terakhir gak ada masalah plot, singkatan, dan info. pas itu plot nya udah stabil, info dan singkatan udah jelas.

pada akhirnya saya suka baca novel ini. soalnya saya baca sampe terakhir, meski sering pusing di tengah-tengahnya gara gara banyak singkatan sama plot bolak balik itu.


the reason I only say a simple “thank you” instead of saying anything else

When a scanlation/translation group releases a chapter of manga/novel I like, I often comment: ‘thank you’, not anything else. why?

because when I write something else, I ended up thinking: ‘should I really write this kind of comment?’, ‘will they understand what I am talking about?’, ‘will this comment offend someone?’. things like that. and then I often decided not to comment at all after thinking those things.

that’s why, now, I’ll say my “thank you” even if I don’t say anything else.